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Enjoy this soul+edifying word from the incomparable, Muvah Lewis...

A Love Note

how did you know that you were meant to be a healer


because I kept falling in love with broken people


then why are you alone


because i'm broken too


so i am falling in love with myself

to get a taste of my own medicine


- the esteemed Kwabena Foli

An Awareness Note

This site is wordy - meaty in wisdom - with no fluff.


If you think these transformative words are too much, if you "feel some type of way" about Ninah's use of the term "fxck-shxt", if you're afraid to dig in to get the freedom you've been searching for...


You are invited to revisit this experience when you're ready to blow the eff out of your mind and change your life!






Curious To Know How Ninah Will Work With You?

Someone may have sent you to this site, or you stumbled upon in through synchronicity.

Either way, welcome!


Are you searching for clarity about your purpose and how to execute it, exquisitely?


You may express your purpose through serving the poor of heart, mind, and body. You may be a corporate, law or architectual evangelist, a sexual healer, an artistic or psychological therapist, or a pharmaceutical redeemer… You may be imprisoned in order to free those who are imprisoned within their own mind. You could be here to be an amputee who grows souls or you’ve chosen to be an Oracle. You could be a protector of children, our elders, and nature. Maybe you’re a mechanical, intellectual, musical or Spiritual guide. The way the Universe expresses the gifts of humanity is infinite!


Click this cute button that gave me an hour of trouble to set up, to learn more about how I work with you.




Hey sis, don't forget to smile, today!

Raise your vibes!

Ninah's Disclaimers

Before we begin this quest: 


Ninah does not describe herself as a "Life-Coach", although many of her co-creators do. To be concise, the difference between Coaching and Self-loveology is simple: 


Coaching: The focal point of coaching is usually based on various goals and tasks and the ability to perform and or implement them into the client's life. The coach will usually create goals for the client and measure performance as the client develops the skills to complete the task. The coach is then prompted to give feedback on the performance of the tasks. After completion of a specific goal-oriented program, the relationship between the coach and the client usually ends.


Self-Loveology: Manifests self-empowerment through self+actualization.

As a Self+loveologist, it is my life's purpose to illuminate my co+creators' innate wisdom, gifts, talents, and fortitude by galvanizing them to self+actualize; to expand their self+actualization by utilizing the powerful tool of self+love. My co+creator is reintroduced to her personal toolbox and learns or relearns how to master them! My life is a living, tangible mirror for my co+creators. I often continue a quasi-friendship/sistership after the sessions have been concluded to my co+creators' satisfaction. 


Ninah uses words such as:

  • Universe

  • God, Goddess

  • Highest Expression of Yourself

  • Id, Ego, Super Ego

  • Vibes/Vibrations

  • Orgasmic Exaltation

and a mishmash of spiritually and politically "incorrect" jargon.


References to:


  • Tarot cards, Astrology, Human Design, rituals

  • Holy books, commercial jingles, television/movie lines

  • stuff her Mama says, as well as songs, memes, and gifs

are used to convey her message. In other words, she fully utilizes the tools in her toolbox. If you don't believe in all this "woo-woo" stuff, you will after we get this work! She also removes expletives upon effin' request.

shakeinahdavis.com is an inclusive service for huemans, with a focus on women.


Thank you for respecting this space and one another! - Ninah